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Sep. 28th, 2009

Morgana white dress


A Jossverse Community


Jun. 25th, 2009

Morgana white dress


Jossverse community

A new Jossverse community has opened! Each of Joss Whedon's shows (Angel, Buffy, Firefly, and Dollhouse) is a team, and each team competes to see who can get the most points, and defeat the apocalypse. There's a new apocalypse every month, and you earn points by completing tasks, writing fics, answering trivia, making graphics, and more.


I'm the leader of the Angel section.

Mar. 18th, 2009

Morgana white dress


New comm!

I made a community for my fics! So far I just have stories for Bones and Harry Potter, though I may be adding more later. I just started it today, so not much is up yet.

Here it is: athenas_garden


Jan. 4th, 2009

oh its me


These are the Things

Haven't really written anything lately, with the exception of whatever I happen to be working on in Creative Writing. It's just... That time where ideas are either to huge or... There just aren't any.

That, and I've been dying while trying to write a sonnet for CreWri. Any suggestions on how to tackle the sonnet problem?

Until then, here's a catalog I wrote for CreWri that I lost over break and then found again! (Lost because I literally lost my school work until today. I swear I couldn't find it.)

These are the things I have loved and lived for
Sweet chocolate kisses and precious little kittens
Bright blue eyes ad flaming red hair
Holding the door open and stepping through time
These are the things I have loved and lived for

Winter melting into spring, spending late hours click-clacking on-line
Warping through worlds and listening to classical music
Singing in the steaming shower and dancing in the stinging cold rain
Chalking the road with wiggly hopscotch blocks
And sleeping in the hammock with a canopy of viridian leaves
These are the things I have loved and lived for

Catalog x-posted to creative_minds

Nov. 25th, 2008



NaNoWriMo: My Pep Talk

As we enter Week Four of National Novel Writing Month, I'd like to note right here, that unlike what a lot of folks believe about the NaNo, it's not a race. Yes, it's nice to finish, but (for me at least) that's not what it's about. And it's also not about writing crap - which is a complaint I hear from many anti-NaNo camps.

I don't know about you, but I don't write crap. At least not intentionally. I think about, and struggle with and wrestle with every word I place on the page. It's important to me. I'm a writer.
And I think that would be important to anyone who considers themselves a writer.

The NaNoWriMo to me is about discipline. Butts in chairs, baby, fingers on keys. The discipline to write, and to write everyday. After all, a writer writes.

I got to interview Chris Baty, the originator of NaNo, a few years back and this is what he told me of the bottom line of NaNo. "Everyone says 'Someday I'm gonna write a novel,' well, November first is someday, it's time to put up or shut up." If you're a writer, it's time to start writing.

Most important about the NaNo is that it makes you write, and it's usually something you would not have written under normal circumstances. After all, you have to start fresh. An excellent exercise for any writer, as is the discipline.

So, to those who have finished - congrats, and to those still on the front lines - keep writing! And never stop!

Nov. 9th, 2008

light coffee


Discussion Post: A Moment of Success

As writers, we often criticize our own work harshly. It's the nature of creativity. We are always striving to actually translate what we imagine to the page and inevitably we end up questioning how well we've succeeded. However, dwelling upon this can be seriously discouraging and it's important not to get lost in these negative thoughts.

Today, go back in your writing and find one paragraph or line where you really feel that you nailed it and share it with us to help remind yourself of your potential.

Nov. 8th, 2008

light coffee


Quote: On the Writing Process

Madeleine L'Engle, from her Newberry Award acceptance speech

August 1963
"So how do we do it? We can’t just sit down at our typewriters an turn out explosive material... Most of what is best in writing isn’t done deliberately.

Do I mean, then, that an author should sit around like a phony Zen Buddhist in his pad, drinking endless cups of espresso coffee and waiting for inspiration to descend upon him? That isn’t the way the writer works, either. I heard a famous author say once that the hardest part of writing a book was making yourself sit down at the typewriter. I know what he meant. Unless a writer works constantly to improve and refine the tools of his trade they will be useless instruments if and when the moment of inspiration, of revelation, does come. This is the moment when a writer is spoken through, the moment that a writer must accept with gratitude and humility, and then attempt, as best he can, to communicate to others."'

Nov. 7th, 2008

oh its me


New arrival, first post

Well, I spent nearly an hour of trying to find an active writing community where I could post my work without being limited to responding to word and sentence prompts. Though, yes, my first post is cross-posted from prompt_of_day and is, indeed, a prompt response.

Anyways, here's my first post (second, if you count my introductory comment on the introductions page).

Fandom: Nabari no Ou
Title: Bath Time
Pairing(s): None that I'm aware of. One of my original fandom characters, who I tried to set apart from my writing because she's strictly a roleplay character got out... But I still don't think I'd classify anything in this story as a 'pairing'...
Rating: PG - mentions nudity, and minor mentions of sexuality.
Word Count: 605
Summary: "Chidori, a somewhat vain feline-human hybrid, comes home to Miharu covered in mud. Bathtime ensues. Everyone gets soaked." was the summary I used on prompt_of_day. ...Or something like that. It was originally written in an attempt to get rid of a nasty bought of writer's block.
Spoilers: None that I'm aware of.

Read more...Collapse )

~ Constructive criticism, please. I'd really like to improve - especially in the area of summary writing. I seem to have a very hard time with those.


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Nov. 3rd, 2008

light coffee


Polka-Dots and Jesus

Fandom: Original Fiction
Title: Polka-Dots and Jesus
Pairing(s): N/A
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1067
Summary: Lessons for the first day in school
Spoilers: N/A
Notes: This is one of the vignettes I've been putting together as a beginning to creating a much longer piece that centers around the relationship of two sisters. I'm new to the community wanted to share something so you can get to know me. My fanfiction is vastly different from this, but I consider this aspect of my writing far more important to me.

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